Yes, it was Salsabeel!

18.August 2020

Yes, it was Salsabeel!

We were not going to work with Salsabeel, because the staff nurses have told us that she is in isolation and we should not visit her. We said ok, but during our visit, Salsabeel’s mother opened the door while I was just passing by her room in the corridor. At that moment my eyes came into Salsabeel’s eyes and I saw her looking at us as she is trying to say: “Hey, I am here!”
I could not resist going on without interacting with her, so I stopped and started doing small things from the door and she was just looking without any reactions! I kept working and I gave a sign to Latifa, my partner clown to come! She came and she understood that we have to do something very small! Latifa told me to take the egg and create some rhythm; I started shaking the egg, as it was a clear order from Latifa! However, it was not what Salsabeel was interested to see at all.

For some reasons, the egg had fallen from my hands to the floor! It was a big thing to happen, since I saw a shadow of a smile on Salsabeel’s face! That was the moment of finding the way to Salsabeel’s attention and laughter! I kept doing the fallen of the egg million times, and every time it fall down, Salsabeel was laughing more and more until the whole department was filled with the echo of her laughter! Her mother was surprised, and everyone in the department came to see her laugh! Before we left the door, her mother said that this was the first time for her to see Salsabeel laughing since so long...

Dr. Ikwe