For medical staff


RED NOSES Palestine implemented in 2019 the programme “Humour in Healthcare”, dedicated to the intense cooperation with different hospitals and universities across the country. Tailored specifically to the concrete needs of the local healthcare system, this initiative was essential as it set in motion a thorough exchange with the medical staff. Moreover, it created a great platform for interaction with the medical students that will become doctors in the near future. Informing them about the activities offered by healthcare clowns and emphasising the importance of humorous hospital visits was undoubtedly the first step towards a flourishing upcoming partnership.

The workshops offered by the Palestinian organisation brought positive institutional change to the degree that some doctors started using humour as a great tool to connect better with the medical staff, patients and care providers. It was rewarding to observe the doctors’ new approach as they were applying the knowledge gained in the humour workshops. Many of them now focus on building trustworthy relationships with children and their families. By connecting with them from the first encounter, doctors can reduce their fear of hospitals and witness in some cases the acceleration of the healing process.