RNPS participated in the annual meeting in Vienna

01.February 2023

Within the Emergency Smile Programme, RED NOSES Palestine (RNPS) participated in the annual meeting for 5 days in Vienna last month.

In addition to the participation of the head of mission, Marah Khawaja, the Project and Development Coordinator at RNPS, two of our healthcare clowns, Ezzat Natsheh (Dr. Simsim Abu Kaakeh) and Jeries Abu Jaber (Dr. Shalaby), joined the meeting.

Among the participants were approximately 40 healthcare clowns and 10 employees from various branches of Red Noses International (RNI).

The meeting discussed lessons learnt in previous years, future expectations, and aimed at increasing bonding among the participants, etc.

Emergency Smile is the outreach programme of the RED NOSES Group.

Emergency Smile travels to places of crises to support the people in re-connecting with emotions, experiencing moments of lightness and re-gaining hope in the future.