RED NOSES Palestine celebrates the importance of humour and laughter in healthcare

11.October 2022

After 12 years of its establishment in Palestine, RED NOSES Palestine (RNPS) held an event yesterday to celebrate the importance of humour and laughter in healthcare, at our headquarter office in Birzeit.

The event was attended by many local, international and partner institutions and interested parties in learning about the role of RNPS in society and its impact on the target groups, to enhance networking and establishing cooperation relations in the future.

The event was opened by the Managing Director of the RNPS, Raed Sadeq, pointing out that the organisation has been seeking to spread happiness in the hearts of those in need of joy for 12 years. He added “The healthcare clowns provided a lot to the target groups, but they also need psychological support, that we focus on throughout the supporters of the RNPS, DROSOS and the Austrian Development Agency (ADA). He also mentioned that RNPS is conducting a research study on the role of humour and laughter on healthcare, and it is considered one of the first studies in Palestine.

The Artistic Director of RNPS, Daoud Totah, added, "The organisation is distinguished by its comprehensive curriculum for developing the capabilities of the clown in the healthcare sector. This curriculum focuses on technical development and training skills, on music, sound, costumes, the psychological aspect, and other lectures on diseases and how to deal with target groups."

Mr. Waheed Zahran, Director of Programmes at Drosos Foundation, delivered a speech in which he praised the role of partnership between the two organisations, stressing on the importance of continuing this relationship because of its benefit to sick children, and the importance of the Drosos programme in achieving financial income for clowns, adding, “In fact, Red Noses Palestine plays a very wonderful role in providing support and relief for sick children, the elderly, and marginalized groups in Palestine, and this comes in line with the goals and strategies of Drosos Foundation.

Ms. Astrid Wein, Director of the Austrian Representative Office in Palestine, added that the Representative Office is very proud of this cooperation and considers that humour and laughter are an important reason to inspire hope. She focused on the importance of supporting the Red Noses Palestine by the governmental, international and humanitarian sectors, especially since the local community gains benefits from the work of RNPS.

The girl's mother, Zarifa, a cancer patient who had recently recovered, attended and talked about the role of healthcare clowns in treating her daughter and overcoming the difficulties and pain of treatment.

The event included entertainment and the interaction of healthcare clowns with the audience, who spread laughter and humour in the place. A photo exhibition was held that reflects the history of RNPS and the events that the organisation has participated in over the past years.

It is noteworthy that RNPS started its work in Palestine in 2010, as a branch office of Red Noses International in Vienna / Austria.

The organistion carries a message of spreading humour and laughter to people in need joy