RED NOSES Palestine spread joy and hope among hundreds of students in Jenin Refugee Camp

15.April 2024

RED NOSES Palestine (RNPS) has spread joy and hope among children in 4 UNRWA schools in Jenin refugee camp for six months, in partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC). 

Given the difficult conditions that the children face inside the camp, RNPS has organised a series of activities since 31 October 2023 aimed at spreading humour and laughter among students.

The Managing Director of RNPS, Raed Sadeq, underlined the importance of this intervention, which included a variety of activities and targeted an important group that seeks for hope and resilience in the current situation.

The project included 12 outreach recreational visits conducted by RNPS healthcare clowns and incorporated innovative tools for interacting with children such as music, singing and role-playing, as well as 4 workshops under the Circus Smile Programme, which provided training on circus skills, interactive and humorous learning methods for children, while taking into account individual differences and ensuring fair participation. Moreover; the project included one Humour in Healthcare workshop (HiH) led by the Artistic Director, Daoud Totah, which focused on providing creative ways and tools for teachers to integrate humour as an innovative psychosocial support tool in their teaching methods. 

Students, teachers and principals have all expressed positive views about the project. “The visits were simple, easygoing, and included a variety of activities. The important fact, in my opinion, is that the teaching process was not interrupted by these visits.” One of the principals said so.

Another principal remarked, "I received the impression that the girls were thrilled to have clowns around them. There are a lot of organisations that offer different services for us, but what RED NOSES Palestine has provided is unique."

Moreover; the healthcare clowns found that using a variety of methods effectively engaged students and revealed the importance of their work, especially in difficult conditions.

It is noteworthy that RNPS started its work in Palestine in 2010, as a branch office of RED NOSES International in Vienna / Austria. The organisation carries a message of spreading humour and laughter to people in need of joy,targeting hospitalised children, elderly in care homes, and children in marginalised areas and areas of crises.

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